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sports-academy-iconOur Multi Sports Academy has been designed to develop Fundamental movement skills, teamwork, positive mindset, sportsmanship and physical literacy for children aged 3-12.

Our Elite curriculum is based on 48 weeks of the year covering over 30 sports including martial arts, gymnastics and dance. The academy sessions will run every Saturday morning at The Hut, Kershaw Avenue, Castleford, WF10 3ES.

Academy sessions starting Saturday 1st June @ The Hut

Tots Academy – 3-4 years
Our weekly sessions will consist of 1 hour (9-10am):

  • 20 mins physical literacy
  • 20 mins skills
  • 20 mins team challenges / games
  • Cost per session: £6
  • Monthly Membership: £14

Mini Academy – 5-7 years
Our weekly sessions will consist of 2 hours (10-12pm):

  • 40 mins team sport
  • 40 mins individual sport
  • 40 mins team challenges / games
  • Cost per session: £12
  • Monthly Membership: £28

Junior Academy – 8-12 years
Our weekly sessions will consist of 3 hours (9-12pm):

  • 1 hour team sport
  • 1 hour individual sport
  • 1 hour team challenges / games
  • Cost per session: £18
  • Monthly Membership: £40

Sibling discount 50% off

sports-academy-iconPhysical literacy is an essential part of every child’s development.

If children don’t learn to read and write as part of early development, they find it much harder to do so as adults. The same is true of movement skills. If children don’t master controlled movement, they grow up to be physically awkward and, often, sedentary adults.

Physical literacy is the blueprint for an active lifestyle and ensures children have the best shot at a bright future. However, these skills aren’t just beneficial in adulthood. Youngsters who are physically literate enjoy many advantages throughout early life too.

First session FREE for all children!

sports-academy-iconOur mission is to inspire every child we work with, through our unique approach to coaching we aim to help them realise their true potential.

“If you want your child to play at a high level, then the best thing you can do is help them find a sport that best suits their abilities, and help create an environment that gives them the best chance of success. That environment is a multi-sport one.” Performance Coach Tony Strudwick, winner of 13 titles as the fitness coach for Manchester United’s first team “Multi-sport background sets up athletes for long-term success by lowering the rates of injuries and making them more adaptable to the demands of elite level play.”

“More often than not, the best athletes in the world are able to distinguish themselves from the pack thanks to a range of motor skills beyond what is typically expected in a given sport.” He recommended tumbling and gymnastic movements, as well as martial arts, basketball, and lacrosse as great crossover sports for soccer.”

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