When the lockdown came into being, we were plonked down on our behinds with a thud. Like a lot of people, we just didn’t know what to do. It wasn’t long before we realised that our services were still in demand for the kids and teaching staff who are still at school. We’ve been delivering our sessions in several schools around the area and having a lot of fun along the way.


In our time off, with the weather being so nice, we’ve been in our gardens making videos to post on Facebook. Ryan’s been busy creating, filming, starring in and losing to his daughter in the #Elite2weekchallenge

Hand eye coordination/agility

Elites 2 week challenge starts today ⭐️Every day a new multi skill game will be published by Elite owner and ex professional rugby league player Ryan Hudson 💪Today Ryan is showing you all about agility and hand eye coordination! Please Like Comment and Share so as many people can take part in this activity #2weekchallenge #elite #fun #multiskills

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And even Petr Chec, former Czech Republic, Chelsea and Arsenal goalkeeper has been getting in on the act.

If you follow this link, you can see how Petr got on.

Our very own Coach Waggataurus has also been busy, creating lots of challenges, fun tips for keeping active, and doing a lot of showing off!

He’s soooo good at this, he got himself a spot in the Daily Mirror last week. Rugby League’s Joe Wicks? What do you think?

If that’s not enough, we’re still working on our brand new Physical Education App – ‘PE PRO’. This is specially designed to give school teachers an intuitive, easy to follow, fully rounded PE experience over the whole academic year. It’s fully endorsed by professional athletes and conforms to the government’s curriculum across all levels and key stages. Here’s a little taster:

PE PRO – Teaser

👀 because it’s lockdown Friday we thought we’d release a little sneak peak at our new Physical Education App ‘PE PRO’ 💪 Release date tbc a little later in the year!! Keep your eyes peeled #PE #active #inspirethenextgeneration

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If you’re struggling to keep your kids (or parents) entertained and active through the lockdown, have a look at the Elite Kids Coaching Facebook page and our YouTube videos. If you’re feeling really brave, check out Wagga’s YouTube channel, but don’t be surprised if you need to wash your clothes afterwards!