If your kids are amongst the lucky ones who attended one of our Elite kids summer camps over the past two weeks, you’ll know what a godsend they are for both child and parent alike. As a parent, finding something for your kids to do to break up the long summer holidays (and get them from under your feet or away from their device screens) can sometimes be a difficult task. And the kids need to run around and let off some steam.

Elite Kids Summer Camps

If you didn’t know it, Elite Kids Coaching have been running holiday camps for several years now in addition to the weekly term-time in-school sessions. This year’s summer camps are going really well. Extremely well! We’ve learned a lot over the years; found out what makes kids tick; this new breed of youngster who’s used to playing on Xbox and Playstation. It’s quite easy really, as the majority of the Elite Kids Coaching team who lead and support the sessions are big kids at heart. Most of us played games for a living for goodness sake! We still learn constantly though and kick our observations back and forth in our meetings, which makes the camps better and better as time goes on.

Xbox and Playstation aside, today’s children aren’t really that different now to the child I was, or even my dad I suppose. They still want to get that adrenaline rush that comes from chasing, being chased and striving for the win. And if they can get dirty along the way, all the better! Football and rugby are always favoured choices, which is why we run them constantly every camp day. Other activities, such as gymnastics and cricket are also popular and have recently been joined by performing arts and survival, which are rapidly gaining strength as we add more sessions. These are now our core options, and any child attending is free to take part in any of them over the course of the week-long camps. In addition to these regular activities, we’re now introducing swimming and fun pool activities wherever there’s pool availability. Unsurprisingly, this activity is popular too!

For the first time in our camps’ history, we’re offering a brand new activity. Elite Kids Coaching Summer Camp Fortnite water blaster wars. We hoped the kids would embrace this new venture, but we’ve been totally blown away with the uptake we’ve had. The kids have absolutely loved it. And certain staff members too – the one’s who managed to get a water blaster that is. The noise levels alone have made me laugh out loud. It’s been ace.

We’re running more Summer Camps over the remainder of the summer and we still have a few places left, but not many and they’re filling up quickly.

We’d love to see as many new faces as we can.

What are you waiting for?

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